Category : Bathroom Posted : 22/06/2022

Pretty Blues with Deep Rust

Warm and welcoming, this ​minimalistic bath space channelizes the modern aesthetics.​ The Diamond tiled flooring in white and grey neutral tones adds a sophisticated charm to the space while the pastel blue wall tiles with rust stucco finish walls exude unprecedented magnificence. Calm, peaceful, and luxurious, this bathroom is a perfect retreat.


Pretty Blues with White

Unpretentious and simple, this indigo bath evokes a sense of comfort and relaxation. With Chinoiserie wallpaper and white paint on half walls, the space exudes an English farmhouse look. The White classic English country console with an elegant indigo vessel and vibrant faucet looks all things edgy and minimalist while the patterned cemented flooring makes everyday feel like a fresh spring morning.​ Classic, rich and timeless, it's the perfect blend of elevated and down-to-earth, just what a modern bathroom should be.


Pretty Blues with Black

Visually bold, the half blue walls paired with the white subway tiles and ​patterned cement flooring, look exquisite and stylish. The deep-set Luxe vanity and glass partitioned showering zone divides the space to make it look more spacious. The vanity area is spiced up with the stylish combination of Kankara basin and Vive faucet. The niche with ambient lighting, looks crisp, rustic and warm​.



Text compiled by: The Blue Pencil Design Company
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