Category : Bathroom Posted : 17/05/2021

It’s not hard to revel in the bounties of flora in your personal spaces at home. Architect Apoorva Shroff of Red Architects, Mumbai, shares two contrasting means of bringing greens to your bathroom….



Feature Wall for an Enclosed Space:
When faced with working in a small space, pack the punch with a feature wall mirroring it to double the impact. A mosaic wall brings in a notion of nature, and this one simple idea transforms a typical tiny Mumbai bathroom into a floral haven. The Kohler fittings in rose gold enhance the overall drama of the space.

Utilising the Beauty of the Outdoors:
The hero of this bathroom is the 100-year-old tree in the background, so the layout was been planned around this view, to constantly engage the user with the landscape outside. Framed with clear glass, with black out curtains for the privacy, the terrazzo marble counter houses the basins and Kohler mixers, and facilitates an island movement around it so you just can’t miss the view!

Five Tips For Adding A Trace Of Nature To Your Bathroom

  1. Introduce natural elements of the terrain within the bathroom, such as large rocks, plants, and trees in the outdoor area or in a courtyard. In apartments, use potted plants or earthy colours to add in an element of nature instead.

  2. For decorative ideas, printed tiles and waterproof wall papers with nature-related designs work well, and add in a sense of vibrancy too.

  3. Plan around a single bold idea for smaller bathrooms. Find the right balance between the space’s aesthetic and the ease of maintenance and hygiene. Try a framed photograph of a landscape or a bold artwork inspired by nature or simple hacks of using a full-length mirror to double the notion of space.

  4. Incorporate a huge potted plant within a large bathroom if a courtyard setting isn’t possible.

  5. Maximise natural light as sunlight does wonders to enhance the beauty of any space. Add in a skylight to showcase the skies above, or large windows in spaces that have dense foliage outdoors for privacy. 

Apoorva Shroff

Apoorva Shroff, Partner, Red Architects, Mumbai

“With an eye for detail and a design flair that is eminently bold, my goal is to integrate technology with tradition. While private homes and offices have remained the centre of my work, my breadth of experience ranges from redesigning city waterfronts to even furniture design. Crediting my evolution to a summer internship with Bijoy Jain and my years of training at Talati & Panthaky, my style is an amalgamation of intuitive aesthetics and opulence.”


Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images: Courtesy Red Architects


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