Category : Bathroom Posted : 23/06/2022

Combine Rust with Deep Umber

Sophisticated and bold, these tones of the setting sun on the parched earth, is rustic perfection. From the wooden wall tiles and double-shaded flooring in the shower area to the luxe dual vanity…the space boasts unmatched elegance and modern design elements.
The rustic wooden walls not only complement the wooden vanity with a chic vessel and faucet but also introduce a modern yet minimalist touch to the space. The matt black fittings and fixtures look classy and chic.​ This magnificent bath space harnesses a strong sense of peace while appreciating the surrounding elements.



Combine Pale Blues with Eggshell Whites

Simple and elegant, these tones of a crisp clear sky with puffy white clouds, is modern excellence. The blue coupled with wooden finish on the walls and the playful terrazzo flooring act as the anchor wall while the ribbed arched door with golden frame adds a touch of fine detailing. In this very minimalist bath, the Mica basin matches the aesthetics of the space and the rich gold coloured Parallel faucet brings in the element of grace and luxury. The luxe vanity is ergonomic and makes the space look clean yet contemporary while the Vitality mirror helps you begin your day on a bright note with its good lighting. Comfortable yet chic, minimalist yet magnificent, this bathroom has everything you look for in a modern bathroom.

Combine Deep Greys with a Shimmer of Gold

Everything that glitters in this gorgeous bathroom resembles the shimmering rays of the sun through the voluminous rain filled clouds! Along with impeccable design and aesthetics, luxurious and classy granite walls dominate this bathroom. The sculptural feature wall with petal chandelier and bathtub in front exuberates luxury and add a touch of panache. The speckled granite wall texture forms a perfect canvas for gold fixtures. Sophisticated and contemporary, the wooden vanity with ModernLife basin and a ravishing Kohler mirror exude unprecedented magnificence. From one-of-its-kind granite walls to graceful design elements, this bathroom depicts bespoke luxury.



Text compiled by: The Blue Pencil Design Company
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