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Since this was compact space, the first thing we suggested to our clients was to take the tiling work all the way up to the ceiling. This immediately impacts the appeal of a small space and enhances it. Segregating the shower cubicle with different tiles makes the space looks divided and hence smaller. To bring in different patterns and yet have the space appeal in a small bathroom, we used a different print for the floor. Using a wooden table in the bathroom and accessorising it with towel baskets enhanced the utility and brought in a rustic element to the vitrified body bathroom.



Swati’s Mindful Tips for Mixing Prints and Patterns

  • If your home is Indian contemporary or ethnic, go with heritage print tiles for the bathroom that can be combined with rustic textures. For a  modern look, use geometrics combined with cement or stone textures
  • Ceiling lights work best for a bathroom. You can add in focus lights above the mirror or ambient lights by way of hanging pendant lights for an added design element. It’s always a great idea to give mood lighting controls in the bathroom
  • Mixing and matching of patterns is great, but one can even do the entire bathroom in a single texture for the floor and walls. You can break the monotony of the texture with a unique vanity table and mirror. Carved, antique mirrors or modern finished mirrors are great additions to a bathroom. Ultimately, it should connect with the theme of your home
  • If you don’t want to use prints in the bathroom, you can play around with borders or inserts in plain or textured tiles instead!
  • Remember that bathrooms are supposed to be calming, so keep the prints and materials to a minimum. Overdoing them can make bathrooms seem crowded and gaudy
  • The ceiling plays an important role when using prints and patterns on floors and walls. Use acrylic or waterproof ceiling options in various wood and stone textures to match the look of the rest of the space


Swati Seeran, Founder and Principal Designer, By The Riverside, Bengaluru

“I launched my interior design firm with the aim to create exuberant, functional homes that speak of the home owner’s passions, needs and desired lifestyle. Whispering sweet nuances in its thoughtful interiors, my company By The Riverside is aptly named after its rooted work ethics and creative principles. Owing to my close affinity to nature, I try to seamlessly translate an earthy personality and bohemian spirit into each of my projects.”

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company
Images courtesy: By The Riverside


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