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Adding bright hues to an otherwise muted space always elevates the design language of your bath space. Designers Ruchika Agarwal and Shaily Malpani take us through a home they worked on, sharing their best kept secrets…

Pop N Play

The brief for this home was to create individual spaces for the residents, while bringing the design to unify the house. We used materials like terrazzo stone and textured paint to elevate the bathroom fittings. Custom-made metal frames were made for use as shower partitions and towel hangers. 

The master bathroom is clad in neutral tiles, so as to accentuate the stunning black terrazzo stone, which adorns the WC ledge and the vanity unit. The second bathroom, which was built for a newly-married couple, followed the same structure of the master bathroom but sees a more colourful palette. The use of terracotta wall texture complements the white terrazzo tiles used on the WC ledge as well as the vanity. The powder room is meant to be a dramatic space, hence the usage of black and white patterned tiles offset with fluted wooden cladding. The royal blue walls bring the whole design together. The colours were all chosen keeping the design language in mind. Warm hues were used to bring in the element of drama and give the spaces a playful demeanour.

Ruchika and Shaily’s tips for mixing materials and colours…

⦁ Black, white and wood are considered neutral shades in the world of interior designing. The beauty of working with these elements is the wide array of colour options that one can play around with. As a principle, there should be a variation in the patterns used between the monochromes and wood, to give the spaces more depth and dimension

⦁ Add a bright pop of colour when you want to either highlight a space or give a particular area a break from monotone. Working around the layout of the washrooms, and identifying which areas are important helps to decide whether to highlight, or keep it in the background

⦁ Remember that it’s utility vs vanity that should decide the mirror size, shape and placement. A master bathroom calls for a mirror with optimal view, as it’s used everyday and needs to be functional. A powder room is a dry room, used mainly by guests. The mirrors here act as an additional decorative element. One can be playful with these and experiment with the shapes and framing materials, like wood, brass, etc.


Ruchika Agarwal and Shaily Malpani, Founders, The Design Street, Hyderabad

“The Design Street caters to the designing needs of all those who want to create beautiful, functional and serene spaces. We work together with our clients to execute their dream homes. ‘You dream, we deliver’ is our motto.”

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company 
Images courtesy: The Design Street

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