Category : Bathroom Posted : 14/09/2021

The room for your guests to freshen up may be the smallest space in your home, but it doesn’t have to look tiny. Three easy tips to make petite powder rooms fuller and larger…

1/ Add A Faux Window And Lighting

An easy way to add a sense of space to your bathroom is to introduce some natural light. But if that’s not possible, a backlit faux window should do the trick. Create a pretty textured glass frame with white light hidden behind it and let the sunlight pour in. You could also add in light modes and dimmers to suit the time of day…. For a powder room that’s next to any room that has natural light, let the adjoining window ‘steal’ light from this space. Place it high enough with opaque glass to maintain the privacy of both rooms. This will make the powder room seem both airy and spacious!


2/ Make Use of Corners

Invest in a pedestal or wall mounted triangular basin and create a wall mounted mirrored cabinet above it. Place this vanity station and sink in the corner, as it leaves more room for movement around the rest of the bathroom. Add floating shelves, to store cleaning supplies. Accessorise with an indoor potted plant and fun artworks in another corner, and you have yourself a powder room that’s both functional and dainty, however small it may be!


3/ Highlight The End Wall 

If you have a rectangular room to play around with, try to keep your fittings and fixtures, including the WC and basin, limited to the end wall. This gives a perception of depth and makes the powder room seem larger. If you have an option of some side ventilation, open it up with a window to allow in some light, adding to the sense of space, while not crowding up the room.


4/ Go Bold

No matter the size of your space, don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns and colours! As this room is a dry room, try wallpaper on all surfaces. While dark colours may make a room appear smaller, they also take the focus away from the bathroom's size and instead help make the more interesting design elements stand out, like an accent wall, a quirky artwork, or even a vintage chandelier. 


Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company


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