Category : Bathroom Posted : 22/07/2022

Sea-facing Dreamscapes…

Filled with the warmth of natural light, this bathroom is a perfect spot to unwind and gaze into the ocean. Splashed across the walls, floor and counter is the exquisite Breccia Nera marble which gives the bathroom an underwater appeal. The combination of Veil basin and Hone Tall faucet looks ravishing and exudes grace while the Escale toilet adds a minimalist touch.​

Beachfront Vistas…

Earthy, moody and minimalist, this inspirational bath is high on luxury.​
Decadent and awe-inspiring, the large mirror over the Granite countertop reflects the vistas making the space look light and airy. Meant for long and luxurious baths, the space is also equipped with the highly functional and elegant ModernLife Basin and stunning Valve tall faucet.​


Fields and Mountains Beyond…

Rustic, simple and minimalist, this beautiful bathroom is located in a farmhouse. The double heighted ceiling with long sheer drapes makes the space look vast and expansive. The pristine white bathtub placed against the full height window exudes elegance while the Travertine walls and stone parquet flooring add a rustic charm to the space.​





Text compiled by: The Blue Pencil Design Company
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