Category : Bathroom Posted : 09/11/2021

If you’re remodelling your spaces this Diwali, go all out with vibrant and attractive hues to add to the merriment. We give you three ideas on how to colour-block your bathrooms and bring in some extra cheer

Pink To Perfection

From a soft and intimate colour scheme to innovative design, this kaleidoscopic bathroom is all you could ask for. The light hue emanates inner peace while the kaleidoscopic tiles on the accent wall will add to your sense of calm as you unwind in the lavish bathtub . Complemented by an exquisite black wall with luxe gold detailing behind the vanity area and a rose gold water closet, the pink Zellige floor tiles fit in perfectly. The designer tiles, Statuario marble, mosaic patterns and a delicate choice of colour make this bathroom a charming space for all.


Wash Away The Blues

With an elegant and welcoming feel, this ombre blue bathroom has our hearts. The colour shifts from deep blue to sky-blue as you move around. The touches of wood from the floor and vanity provide a perfect contrast to the exquisite Corian countertop basin and add a sense of warmth to the overall colour scheme. The geometric pattern of the shower area provides a nice break in pattern, while the skylights bring in natural light to complete the feeling of openness. This one’s definitely a haven for anyone looking for moments of tranquillity!


It’s All Black And White

The sleek, fine finish gives this bathroom an eclectic and enigmatic vibe. The faux bois tiles on the floor, combined with the shower enclosure that includes a frame and hardware in gold finish, make the space seem larger while giving you a luxurious visual treat. The Statuario wall behind the vanity and the black Portoro marble on the accent wall add a modern touch to the space. Sober yet grand, this bathroom is an exemplary example of classic design.


Text compiled by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

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