Category : Bathroom Posted : 14/09/2021

Tiny spaces can seem hard to construct bathrooms in, as one would want them to be both efficient and eye-catching. We give you three quick and easy tips on how to navigate small bath spaces to create your own tiny havens of relaxation!

1/ Have a Centre of Attention

Make one aspect of your bathroom the focal point and build the rest of the space around it. Play around with colours, textures and accent walls – use darker shades in the upper half to make the space appear to float. Give yourself a quaint and attractive room by making the most of the limited area you have.


2/ Create Clear Partitions

See-through dividers and screens make the room seem more spacious. Use clear glass panels to demarcate the wet shower area from the dry areas of your bath space. Even the use of half-glass walls will intelligently separate the shower area from the rest of the room. Not only will these make your bathroom seem larger, but also add an element of elegance to your tiny space keeping the room clean and dry!


3/ Use Every Corner

When you’re working with a small area, utilize every wall and corner. Use full-length mirrors to add an element of depth, and consume nooks for storage. With equal space demarcated for the shower, WC and basin areas, smart use of lighting and unique colour combinations, your small bathroom can look visually spacious.


Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company


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