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Who says that tiny bathrooms have to be cramped up and can’t be aesthetically pleasing? Miloni Shah and Snehi Zaveri of design firm Innerfusion LLP, share ideas to make the most of a compact space…

Small Wonders


The most common design brief we get from a client for any bathroom is that it needs to be functional, full of storage and still something uncommon. A bathroom needs to be a space that feels calm and peaceful, where one can actually unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. For this space, we have used a combination of different highlighter tiles and marbles, keeping in mind that the flooring should not be slippery. In terms of sizing, we always prefer to use larger sized slabs as it reduces the number of joints, making the bathroom look seamless. 



Ten Tips To Make The Most Of Compact Bathrooms

⦁ Always use lighter shades of tiles, and play around with ambient lighting and different kinds of mirrors

⦁ Floating vanity counters always make a bathroom look more spacious and less bulky compared to a counter that is touching the floor

⦁ Introducing niches in the bathroom, not only is a great design concept, but also creates visual depth

⦁ Use a transparent glass cubical for the shower area in a small bathroom, giving vision to the entire space at once

⦁ Avoid using bathtubs as they are very bulky elements for a small bathroom. Shower cubicles are the preferred option

⦁ Continue the same flooring through the entire bathroom rather than using different materials

⦁ Avoid busy patterns in a compact bathrooms as it tends to make the space look smaller

⦁ The best way to create a focus element in a smaller space is by highlighting the basin wall, as a part of it will also be covered by a decorative mirror, not making it look too heavy

⦁ Select your base marble carefully – the highlighter marble and the flooring should complement one another

⦁ Always go for countertop basins as they offer you more storage space in a compact area

Miloni Shah & Snehi Zaveri, Co-founders, Innerfusion LLP, Mumbai

“Founded in 2020, our firm is known for its unique approach and young mindset. Our design sense involves a very intimate process of discovering each client’s personal taste and style and incorporating that into our spaces.” 

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company 
Images courtesy: Innerfusion LLP

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