Category : Bathroom Posted : 10/03/2022

From wall panels to furniture…use inspirations of the new season to bring in some nature into your bath space!

Furniture & Accents

Green is an incredibly versatile and flexible colour, perfect for modern bathrooms or classic ones. It has a calming effect on your senses and is a colour of rejuvenation – so it's a great option for bathrooms. Along with adding a strong surrounding of nature to a space, incorporating it into the design with furniture and accents is an easy way to evoke feelings of peace. Eye-catching, soothing and unique, these pieces are bound to make a bold statement.


Tones & Textures

Ethereal and sophisticated, this bathroom reflects true luxury. The textured Mermaid tiles in the shower area bring in a soothing effect while the two toned Damask looking tiles behind the mirror add an eccentric flair to the space. Stylish, smart and rich, this small bath space has a luxury appeal.


Patterns & Contrasts

Delve in a tropical haven with this highly detailed and functional bathroom. The patterned mosaic mural in tropical design on the vanity wall has a whimsical yet classic appeal when contrasted with a muted beige sidewall. ​Graceful and mesmerizing, this bathroom is an ode to perfection.


Text compiled by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

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