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While we may think of technology as limited to our phones, fitness gadgets and cars, would you have imagined for it to be an integral part of the bathrooms too? We share five ways to enhance wellbeing and enable personalised experiences in the comfort of your own washroom….

Replace Your Showerhead 


Whether it’s a playlist that energises you for the day or calms you before an important meeting, listening to music while in the bathroom can do wonders…so switch your regular showerhead for a wireless, removable one with an inbuilt speaker, and get grooving. 

Invest In A Bidet Seat

Bidets include features that make your experience more comfortable than a regular seat. With warm water cleansing and warm air-drying options, these seats are great to experiment with bidet functionality without replacing your existing toilet, or adding a separate fixture.

Turn Your Bathtub Into A Spa 

Hydrotherapy bathtubs are the order of the day, and it’s not just about water anymore. Today’s tubs let you play around with everything from bubbles and heat to sound and colour. Select from several hydrotherapy options that use air or sound to massage, soothe or relax your body and soul, or add a heated back to keep you warm for longer. 

Switch To A Smart Toilet 

Intelligent toilets are the way forward when it comes to both comfort and cleanliness, so choose wisely. Not only do they include a self-cleansing functionality, but features like automatic flushing, heated seats, inbuilt nightlights, foot warmers and Bluetooth syncing are also available in various models…making them look as fantastic as they are useful!

Upgrade Your Shower Area


As it’s the most personal space of your home, it has to have the best. Digital showers bring together water, steam, music and light to create a brilliant sensory experience. Some showers even allow you to pick from spa settings that target different areas of the body with varied spray types and temperatures, all for your good health and overall wellbeing.  

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