Category : Bathroom Posted : 30/03/2021

Want to experiment with darker shades for your bathroom but not sure how? Mumbai-based designer Jason Wadhwani shares excerpts from his client diaries to showcase the wonders of going monochrome.

Whether it be clothes, furniture, a wardrobe, or walls, there’s no colour that’s as striking and attractive as black. But one must use it wisely to take advantage of its effect, and not make it seem overpowering or out of place. Jason incorporates this hue in his designs in various ways, telling us how to work it into our bathrooms. 


“The brief given by the client for this space was to renovate a two-bedroom apartment into a contemporary one bedroom flat. We broke down two bathrooms to convert it into a single large bathroom. I wanted it to be strikingly monochromatic and extremely contemporary, with the sublime white marble being offset by a sleek black stripe on the floor and glossy black subway tiles for the shower wall.” 

“I renovated my apartment a few years ago with the intention of creating a space which reflected my design sensibilities. It had to be monochromatic and contemporary with pops of colour. This design vocabulary was also translated in the master bathroom design, which has a grey and black colour palette, with black Marquina marble for the floors and shower walls, offset by a grey rustic tile and white marble counter. I wanted a large basin, and the Kohler one just completed the look.” 


“My well-travelled clients wanted to set up their home in Delhi as a beautiful reminder of their travels. It had to be a warm, eclectic, and contemporary space. The first is the master bathroom that’s timeless, elegant and monochromatic. We didn’t want to make it gimmicky, so went with a simple white marble cladding with a black-and-white marble inlay on the flooring. Brass fittings and accessories complete the room. The concept of the guest bathroom was to have a warm, moody space. I used black granite in a variety of textures, and a wood finish to warm up the space and balance the grey tones. The fittings are brass-finish too.”


Tips For Working With Darker Tones

  • Remember to balance out darks and blacks with a different colour, texture or material. 

  • Blacks can be used in a variety of ways – from floorings and wall cladding, to sanitary ware, bathroom fittings and wallpapers...don’t be afraid to experiment!

  • Soften the look with a natural element. Nothing warms a space like some greenery. 

Jason Wadhwani, Principal Designer, Jason Wadhwani Design, Mumbai

“My true passion lies in residential interior design which is now evident by the number of projects I’m working on. Being a self-confessed lover of all things monochrome, I try to inject a dose of it in all my work. I believe there is no better education in design than travel, and I make sure to bring some of that inspiration into the homes I design.”

Instagram: @jasonwadhwanidesign


Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images: Courtesy Jason Wadhwani Design


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