Category : Bathroom Posted : 13/08/2021

Whether you like them small, large or none at all, choosing a mirror for your bathroom is an important task…we give you three ideas to decorate your space accordingly 

IDEA 1: Go Clean


While most would consider it blasphemy not to have a mirror above the vanity or basin area, the absence of one can make the room a real talking point. Create an accent wall in a vibrant colour instead, and leave the mirrors for the sidewall, dressing area or bedroom. If you have the luxury of natural light, adding your vanity under a window overlooking the view from your home makes for a great mirror-less bathroom too

IDEA 2: Sweet And Small

An elegant bathroom calls for dainty additions like a small mirror, because you don’t always need a full length one to preen in front of. A tinier reflector in an unusual shape not only adds character to the space but also leaves useable space above your vanity for a towel hook. Another way to add a small mirror is to get one that sits on your basin counter, leaving the wall free for a quirky artwork or photo frames.       

IDEA 3: Big Is Bold


Large mirrors mix well with minimal decor or monotone spaces. Get a round, square, oval or rectangular glass that takes up most of the wall above your basin, and you won’t need any other elements to liven up your space. Large mirrors also help to make a smaller room seem more spacious, so they’re also great options if you have a tiny bathroom.  


Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company


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