Category : Bathroom Posted : 08/03/2021

Kohler’s Pureclean Manual Bidet Seat is not only sleek in design but its functions promise a wash like no other

When entering a washroom, the sight of a dirty toilet or a wet seat is arguably the paramount thing that irks women the most. So it was like an early Women’s Day surprise when we had the chance to try out Kohler’s Pureclean Manual Bidet Seats and found the solution to our peeves. The sleek and slender design was perfect for the modern bathroom, with the installation process, a breeze. We noticed its ergonomically contoured design and bumpers that held the seat ring in place, hence being thankful for not having to deal with a constantly moving or shaky seat.


Eager to try the bidet function, we were extremely fascinated by its smooth functioning. It was great to learn that it requires no batteries or electrical supply…it’s the single gear-like handle on the side of the bidet that does all the magic making this WC ideal to use for anyone. This lever is used to control the water wand, and helps adjust the water pressure as well as the position of the spray – a great benefit not only for women to keep their intimate areas clean and fresh, but for kids to learn good hygiene too. We didn’t have to worry about cleaning the spray – it self-rinses after each use! As for the rest of the seat, the Quick Release functionality made it very easy to remove and clean thoroughly. And…saving the best for the last…its special Quiet Close technology made the seat cover glide to a close, without any loud thuds we’ve been used to. Easy to use, clean and maintain, the Pureclean seat is a winner with us girls!

The features at a glance:

  • Adjustable water spray position and pressure with the convenient side handle

  • Single wand provides ambient-water cleansing

  • Self-cleaning wand automatically rinses after each use

  • Manually-operated handle requires no batteries or electrical power

  • Quiet-Close™ elongated seat allows seat to close quietly

  • Quick-Release™ functionality allows the seat to be removed quickly for easy cleaning

  • Quick-Attach® hardware for fast and secure installation

  • Grip-Tight bumpers hold seat firmly in place

  • Ergonomically contoured seat for user comfort


Images Courtesy: Kohler India     

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company 


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