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Sunil Jasani of Finelines Designers, Mumbai, tells us about a space he designed around a single product, and the elements that make a bathroom go from good to great.

What does one keep in mind when designing a space centred around one product or design, like your Moroccan themed bathroom?
The Moroccan one is one of my favourites. I’ve worked a lot with this client before, so she trusts me…and I immediately said let’s use this Kohler Marrakesh basin…based on that I sketched out the whole concept while sitting with them.


Keeping that as the focal centre point we suggested a patterned tiled flooring with a wooden panelling on the wall and a tile band…and added a wooden cover to the WC. To complement the basin we gave it metal legs as a stand and also added the matching basin mixer with it. The walls were painted in a colour above a certain height and fabric was draped on the ceiling with a hanging light to give it a complete Moroccan look and feel. The main focus never shifted from the beautiful basin and mixer


One must make sure that the elements around the main product (in this case the wash basin) should complement it, not take away from it. They shouldn’t clash, but add to its charm and beauty. The positioning of the product and the lighting of the space is important too. The piece de resistance should ideally come first in your line of vision when you enter the room.

How much is too much?
As long as it doesn’t look gaudy, I don’t think anything is too much. It is important to give a space a grand feel without it looking OTT, or taking away from the style. It also depends on how you put everything together – if the flooring is fancy, everything else should be a bit muted. Making every element blend together is important to make it function properly and to look appealing.

Is there any aspect of bathroom design that people shouldn’t compromise on?
Nothing should be compromised on. Today, bathrooms have changed completely from what they used to be years ago. Now even in hotels and apartments, bedrooms may have shrunk, but bathroom sizes have increased. If it’s a space you’re using multiple times a day, you shouldn’t compromise at all. Indulge in the best for the perfect look and functionality.

What’s trending now?
People want larger bathroom spaces and want to indulge more. Everyone wants a rain shower with adjustable water flow settings, automatic seat covers for toilets, unique kinds of basins, and varieties of tiling as well. Fragrances in the powder rooms are also quite popular. 

Sunil Jasani

Bathroom description:

The washroom designed by Sunil Jasani has been created using the Marrakesh basin from the artist editions. The colours and style has been kept to create a wholesome Moroccan look in a warm inviting manner. The lighting is subdued and the softness of the ceiling canopy adds to the warmth.


Sunil Jasani, Director Finelines Designers, Mumbai


“Passionate about my work – my design philosophy is to create aesthetic spaces with a keen attention to detail combined with comfort and practicality to achieve a customised project for the client. I love what I do and I do what I love”.


Text: Compiled by The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images: Courtesy Finelines Designers


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