Category : Bathroom Posted : 07/09/2022

Whether a powder room or a master bathroom, its nice for one’s private spaces to have their own character. Mumbai-based PS Design showcase the best ways to add some vibrancy to our tranquil havens.


The first two bathrooms are created for a client who approached us because she believed that we could bring out her personal eclectic style that included many colours and textures. We experimented with unusual colours and patterns to create these eclectic bathrooms. The client insisted on a terrazzo tiling for the bathroom, hence we combined a colourful terrazzo with complementing mint-coloured tiles, and accentuated these with black fittings from Kohler. We further added to the contrast with an industrial glass partition and a black-framed mirror.

For the tropical bathroom, we custom-printed the tiles to look like a tropical wallpaper. The white subway tiles give a breather between the printed tiles on top and the black-and-white patterned floor. The gold fittings and the partition add for understated glamour

The third bathroom is in our own home and since we had the liberty to experiment, we decided to go with a wall-covering in the bathroom. Most people are wary of using wallpapers in general, but we feel that if a bathroom is finished properly and the wet and dry areas are separate, there is no reason to be scared of using wallpaper in the bathroom. We clad it with a grey travertine till 4' height and then finished it with wall covering on top. The effect is a very cosy space, which we have decorated with plants and personal artefacts.


Talking Trends And Patterns with PS Design
You have used a mix of patterns and colours…what’s the secret to achieve the right balance? 
Train your eye to see patterns in everything around you and never be afraid to experiment. We always work on putting all the materials together and then adding or deleting based on what works best together.


Separating the wet from the dry…what are your views on this?
Bathrooms today are not just functional spaces but also private sanctuaries for people who feel that this is the only space they can be alone at home. Hence, people are spending more to get a comfortable bathroom. It is essential to separate the wet from the dry areas in such cases. It not only keeps the space neater but doubles up as a dressing space as well.


What are the styles trending today for bathrooms?
Smoother curves and soft shapes with organic interiors are currently popular across the world. Natural materials, whether stone or marble, are always trending. And monochrome looks – all white or black-and-white never goes out of style. 

Piyush and Priyanka P Mehra, Co-Founders, PS Design, Mumbai
“PS Design was founded on the principle of ‘Life is in the details’ and remains fixed in the belief that each project is unique and requires renewed inspiration. Constantly striving to break new ground in the field of architectural and interior design, we put great emphasis on producing exceptional work based on the needs and vision of each client, rather than pushing a single, signature look or style across all our projects to conceive highly invigorated environments which enhance people’s lives.”

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company 
Images courtesy: PS Design 

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