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When remodelling a bathroom, it is easy to rely on tried and tested design formulae that work. But don’t sacrifice design elements that elevate your space, because even design rules are meant to be broken! Here’s how to defy three age-old guidelines to create unique personal spaces...

Rule 1: Make It Match

BREAK THE RULE – Mix and Match

People tend to believe that everything has to balance in a space. While this may seem easy, a plethora of other combinations can really elevate a space – from print and colour on surfaces to varied material textures and sanitary ware finishes…. Lay it out on a mood board and see how beautifully it works! Also, you don’t need to match your washrooms throughout the house. Give each its own identity. 

Rule 2: All Dressed In White

BREAK THE RULE – Don’t Be Afraid To Use Colour


When it comes to bathroom fixtures, white is often the go-to choice. While going with something unexpected might feel like a risk, the pop of colour could be better fitting to your style. Coloured ceramic vanities and toilets add panache to a bathroom! For those who prefer traditional white fixtures and are shy to experiment, try using shades of a single colour on your surfaces, so the pristine white sanitary ware stands out.

Rule 3: Keep Faucets Chrome

BREAK THE RULE – Tinted Or Coloured Add Character

Like white fixtures, chrome faucets are a default during remodelling. With several new trending options, from matte black to rose gold, available now, you can make your space feel new but still timeless. These fixtures offer characterisation in a space and make a bathroom feel very current, creating distinctive and chic spaces.

Ultimately, whichever design rules you choose to break, remember that the space should be filled with elements that are truly ‘you’.

Text compiled by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

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