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Made by combining soothing blues with stimulating greens, this trending hue represents clean renewed thinking.

Halfway Up

This deep rich teal tone – from waist up on the walls, covering the entire ceiling too – makes luxury and grandeur the high point of this bathroom. Every inch of this space speaks the language of sheer stateliness and we can’t help falling in love with its vibe. Drenched in royal colours and extravagant design elements, the monochrome flooring complements the aesthetics of the bathroom. The chandelier and golden fixtures look nothing but grand, giving the space a regal feeling. With the Kohler freestanding bathtub placed perfectly near the window, you can soak in both, the exterior and interior beauty of the space, simultaneously.

Accent Walls

A cool and soothing blue tone is a natural fit for a bathroom. It is calming, relaxing, and evocative of the sea and sky. When paired with white paint or gold, bronze, silver or rose gold fixtures, it is a combination as timeless and eccentric as a luxury haven that will never go out of style. Be it an all-teal bathroom or the cool blue colour paired with light colour palette, this hue is neutral enough to be something you'll be happy to live with, for years.


Going All Out

Spread across all four walls in a textured paint, paired with a white ceiling and fixtures, this teal bathroom is a unique medley of timelessness and classic. The colour palette is evocative and instantly reminds you of the vibrant sky and invigorating seashore. The white bathtub placed in a recessed nook stands out against the teal wall while resting on a light wood floor. With a bold blue colour palette, modern fixtures, attractive surfaces, and wooden flooring, the space evokes a soothing, relaxing feeling with great gusto.


Text compiled by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

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