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As the era of 'less is more' is fading, many look for new ways to express their personality in their private spaces. Some tips below on how to personalise your bathroom, by giving it a bold look through stylised fixtures and unconventional finishes.

When it comes to bathrooms, people tend to play it safe with neutral colours and simple design elements. But since we tend to spend so many hours a day in this space, shouldn’t it better reflect one’s singular taste? Going bold is doing it right: turn your bathroom into a unique space by playing around with distinctive fixtures and faucets that can be mixed and matched to create your personal design aesthetic.

Whether you’re looking for a small upgrade or a total remodel, a bold design can add major style to your bathroom and transform it into a celebration of your personal style. An adventurous piece like the Marrakesh basin with an intricate and abstract floral pattern, can be paired with traditional design elements to create a sophisticated effect and add a touch of elegance. Another way to go bold without going overboard is to integrate fresh elements to create a classic look — the addition of a free-standing bath, for example, can add a vintage element to your space while still keeping it modern.

Faucets are a surprisingly easy way to add boldness to the bathroom. The Kohler Purist faucet with a straight lever handle in matte black is made from solid brass, the single-control operation of which allows it to be turned on and off at any temperature setting. When paired with a glass or white basin, it’s sure to create an eye-catching combination. Other fittings in smooth chrome and matte finishes remain popular too, so don’t be afraid to go all out – try a look that will stand the test of time, and you have yourself a winner!


By introducing bold, tasteful elements to your bathroom, you can design a relaxing retreat that will adapt to your sensibilities and still look timeless.


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