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How often have you felt good after a hot shower? For us it’s mostly always…. But to experience an enhanced feeling, have you ever tried fragrances to uplift your mood? Nothing does that better than an appropriate bouquet. So go out and get yourself a candle, a diffuser or even a bath oil to add to your bathing routine. But before that, learn about the origins of some scents….

Vanilla: antibacterial, aphrodisiac and antidepressant.
Native to the orchid family, the vanilla bean first originated in Central and South America, and is said to have been cultivated by the Totonacs of Mexico. While the plant is used frequently in baking and medicinal items, it’s also popularly found in beauty products and lifestyle goods like candles, perfumes, incense sticks and diffusers. The soothing aroma of vanilla is not only extremely relaxing, but its essential oils have antioxidants that act as an aphrodisiac and antidepressant. Vanilla-based scents even have antibacterial properties that are great for healthy hair and skin. 


Lavender: calming and soothing
This plant literally gets its name from the Latin word ‘lavare’, that means ‘to wash’. The light pinkish-purple flower was used by ancient Romans as a scent around their rooms, and they would even use it on their clothes and hair. Today, it continues to be used around the world for its medicinal and therapeutic properties, as the fragrance of Lavender is extremely calming and soothing. Use this to aid sleep and relaxation, as a form of aromatherapy, and even to get relief from headaches, anxiety and other factors of stress. Sachets of dry lavender work great in bathrooms too – the scent keeps the room smelling forever fresh and will always help to lift your spirits after a long, hard day. 

Chamomile: relieves tension and aids in sleep
Treasured by Greeks, Romans and Egyptians since ancient times for its medicinal properties, this plant is not only known for the tea that takes its name, but for its ability to soothe and heal both body and mind. Turn your bathroom into a spa in an instant with a bit of chamomile scent, as its sweet, herbaceous smell helps to relieve tension and aid in sleep. The herb is also beneficial to the skin and scalp, so including it in one’s beauty regimen is a great idea as well.


Tea tree: natural immunity booster; aids infections, minor respiratory issues and body aches
Native to the Australian plant Melaleuca alternifolia, this oil has been used by the local Aborigines for centuries. Known for its antiseptic and antimicrobial qualities, tea tree oils are frequently used worldwide in skin and haircare products today. Its oils are also used in aromatherapy as it’s a natural immunity booster and also works its magic on infections, minor respiratory issues and body aches. A few sprays of a tea-tree-infused fragrance is sure to change the mood of a room instantly!   

Text: Compiled by The Blue Pencil Design Company

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