Category : Bathroom Posted : 17/03/2023

From pristine and soft hues to bold and romantic tones, three ideas that will help you spruce up your loo in time for Christmas!


Snowy and White!

Timeless allure of white and gold: It's the perfect occasion to design the dream bathroom that you always wanted! Bring home the joy of luxurious and innovative products and transform your personal space. Sleek and opulent, this bathroom is an impressive showstopper.​ The room is ensconced by the precious Statuario marble, giving it an elevated look. The hanging chandelier lamps are a great stylish addition that complement the gold accents. ​Opt for Kohler faucets and shower fittings in French Gold finish to dial up the glamour quotient. With Kohler's Presquile toilet, you get the ultimate comfort and elegance. Magnificent and striking, this bathroom is truly awe-inspiring.​

Rudolf’s Red Nose!

Dazzle with red: Make a striking statement with this monochrome look for your bathroom. ​With a bold scarlet red colour palette for the entire space, this bathroom exudes drama and panache! A mix of different textures and patterns in the wall and floor tiles, create interesting visual elements.​ White sanitaryware and furniture provide great contrast and stand out in this design. With Kohler ModernLife Edge Basin and WC, you know all your comforts are taken care of! For a truly luxurious showering experience, Kohler’s Anthem thermostatic shower valve gives you unprecedented control and options.​ Bright, bold and modern, this design would be ideal for a kid's bathroom in your home. ​

Magical Mistletoe!

Turn people green with envy: The limited-edition QUILA sink from Kohler is adorned with an intricate painting that famous miniaturist and Padma Shri recipient Jai Prakash Lakhiwal created exclusively for Kohler. Here, art blends seamlessly with utility, rendering a functional object that effortlessly doubles up as a work of art. The sink also complements the green wallpaper of the bathroom and the mosaic patterned tiles behind the vanity counter. All in all, it makes for a stunning and unique bathroom.


Text compiled by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

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