Category : Bathroom Posted : 25/10/2022

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Give your bathroom a regal look by adding colours associated with precious stones. Designers Eshita Marwah, Priyanka & Piyush Mehra, and Asra Khateeb share unique ways to add that extra touch of glamour to your private havens.

IDEA 1: Green Emerald


 This entire project was designed around jewel tones, the Emerald Bath being part of The Emerald Room, which was the master bedroom. This bathroom was quite large, with tons of space to play with colour, detailing and design. We added brass fittings for a touch of glam via the fixtures, lighting and hardware. We also included wood and veneer to bring an element of softness to the space.  

IDEA 2: Blue Sapphire

This is a children's bathroom that doubles up as a guest bathroom and hence it includes a play between a serious Carrara marble and bright blue tiles. This being a small bathroom (that also has a tub which the children use regularly), one should keep in mind that the basin should be the right size leaving you enough space to keep a soap dispenser, hand towels and other knick-knacks. Shiny bright tiles give the nook an uplift, so try to work with materials accordingly.

IDEA 3: Yellow Onyx


For this space, we used two types of onyx. The idea was to make a bathroom that stands out, and is cheerful and timeless. We tried to put bright yellow in the centre of the dry area with addition to the lights placed behind to add a focal point as soon as your enter. The ceiling is inspired by the vines of the onyx, and has shades of yellow and orange. 

Inputs from 
IDEA 1: Eshita Marwah, Founder, /e, Surat
IDEA 2: Piyush and Priyanka Mehra, Co-founders, PS Design, Mumbai
IDEA 3: Asra Khateeb, Principal Designer, LC Architects, Mumbai

Images courtesy: /e, PS Design, LC Architects
Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company 

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