Category : Bathroom Posted : 28/11/2022

With the right mix of colours and patterns you can turn your bathroom into a unique and eye-catching experience!​ Three vibrant and vivacious ideas to help you with a burst of hues…


On the Wall

​​Make a statement by using bold prints in your powder bathroom! ​
​Quirky, vibrant and flamboyant, this look is a unique mix of different patterns and colours. ​ The dark wooden vanity counter with a marble top balances the bright shades of the flamingo wallpaper. ​Kohler's ModernLife Basin boasts a plush blend of modern style with ergonomic ease – a suitable choice against the colourful walls.

On the Floor, Vanity and Wall

Go bold with bright colours to transform your powder bathroom into a space that's chic, vibrant and alluring!​ With rich shades of pink, teal and yellow, the patterned walls and flooring make the bathroom look peppy and whimsical. The sunshine yellow of the vanity counter adds a fresh and lively element. ​Kohler's Veil basin and toilet look ultra-luxurious and gorgeous, giving you style and comfort! The sleek design of the Aleo+ faucet is the ideal addition for this space. ​

On the Basin Countertop

Enhance the warm and welcoming essence of your bathroom with a bright and bold colour palette. ​Deep crimson red coloured walls that exude character and unmatched sophistication, offset by the counter top in terrazzo tiles, encase this powder bathroom. The extravagance of Kohler's Kankara basins is paired with the sleekness of Aleo+ polished chrome faucets. Striking and luxurious, this bathroom exemplifies how a bright hue can exalt the design language of your space.​


Text compiled by: The Blue Pencil Design Company
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