Category : Bathroom Posted : 27/03/2023

Combine with Onyx

To turn your bathroom into a stylish and luxurious space, take note of this smartly curated space. The onyx effect on the wall and floor gives depth and creates an illusion of a larger space. Kohler’s Modern Life Edge toilet and basin in Peacock colour brings in elegance and premium comfort. The shower area with Anthem valve and Matt Black showerhead, makes the bathroom future ready and high on sophistication. Comfortable yet chic, the trendy design with pop of colour is perfect for a Master Bathroom.

Combine with Black ‘n White

Monochrome with a pop of peacock – this look is elegant, timeless and alluring. ​The black and white patterned flooring and archways, the skylight allowing natural light and the two-toned walls all combine to create a look that's chic and luxurious. ​Kohler’s Peacock ModernLife Edge basin and toilet add a bold and vibrant splash of colour. They also make this bathroom high on convenience and comfort. ​

Combine with Foliage


Inspired by a tropical paradise, this look  is all about bringing nature to your private sanctuary through materials and colours.​ The bold leaf-printed wallpaper, wooden flooring and natural plants fill your bathroom with a real tropical vibe.​ Kohler’s Peacock coloured range is the ideal shade for this theme. The Peacock ModernLife vessel and toilet add drama and delight to the space along with high-functioning comfort and luxury. Matt black faucets and fittings tie the whole look together.​


Text compiled by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

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