Category : Bathroom Posted : 27/03/2023

Vibrant and Peppy


This bathroom has the perfect mix of bright colours and floral motifs with a sprightly, feminine aesthetic. The floral wallpaper, white marble flooring and crimson red vanity counter all combine to create a space that's extravagant and gorgeous. ​The fluid design of Kohler's Kankara Basin, and Vive Faucet in gold finish, blend seamlessly with the design. For your ultimate comfort and hygiene, Kohler's Presquile Wall-Hung toilet is the best choice.

Stylish and Sophisticated

Transform your bathroom into a relaxing and comforting oasis with this lotus-themed look. The lotus-print wallpaper is its standout feature. Cooling shades of light blues and greens are interspersed with sleek black marble to create an idyllic cocoon. ​Kohler's front lit mirror and ModernLife Edge Basin and WC are a perfect fit for this pleasing aesthetic. Your master bathroom will truly become a space where you can unwind with this nature-inspired design.​

Stately and Luxurious



Perfection in pink, this washroom is all about making a stunning visual statement. ​With pink as its main theme colour and a beautiful mandala design as an anchor point, this would be ideal for a master bathroom or a bathroom for your daughter's room. ​An all-white marble flooring and sanitaryware balance the bright pink. Kohler's Vitality Mirror is the focal point of the mandala and fits in perfectly. For exquisite, high-functioning luxury we have the ModernLife Edge Basin and WC. ​ Sleek and stylish, the Kohler Beitou Shower with Anthem Valve allows you to maintain consistent temperature and flow control for the ultimate shower experience


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