Category : Bathroom Posted : 26/12/2022

Much like those lovely yellow flowers on green branches, this energizing combination inspired by nature, looks best when your room is lit with a flood of natural light…


Evocative and Immersive

The Terrazzo marble across the floor adds a pop of colour and the element of playfulness. The splashes of luxurious gold colour behind the vanity and mirror exude elegance and grandeur while the green tiles in the showering area with gold fixtures brings in class and panache. Adorned by the chic yellow colour and various alphabets, the wall with future-ready Veil Wall Hung toilet look all things gorgeous.​ 

Vibrant and Luxurious 

Blue, yellow and green colour comes together to form a cohesive look in this bathroom. The varied colours do not fight with each yet stand on their own bringing out a fresh and playful design.​ The showering area with green tiles adds a touch of luxury and elegance while the window allows entry of ample natural light. The vanity area with exquisite Nysa basin looks ravishing in vibrant yellow colour. 

Luxury and High-style 

​​The patterned tile flooring and the dual toned walls create a fascinating visual statement. The contemporary hanging light fixtures and Kohler's front-lit mirror are elegant additions to the bathroom.​ To maximise the available space, we have a floating vanity counter against the end wall and Kohler's sleek wall-mounted WC. White sanitary fittings add contrast and simplicity, along with personalised comfort.

Text compiled by: The Blue Pencil Design Company
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