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A style that stemmed from a post covid realisation, where every client looked for comfort in whatever size and space they had...a master class by design maverick Amit Porwal



One common factor with all clients was their brief ­– very specific for all their personal spaces, which needed to define and cater to their needs (and tackle a similar lockdown situation). And what concerned them was that we must have the maximum possible luxury, comfort and utility in all the spaces that we desire, and more so with the bathroom spaces! 


I believe that the bathroom is one space where you find your own privacy, and hence is the space where one wants to identify the luxury that will give you peace of mind. At the same time, size is not the question…but it is more important to understand, that their design needs lead to materials, as well as its functions. As far as the style requirements go, it would be the style that defines more in the quotient of uber luxury, which is more to do with luxury in any which way, of any kind of interiors or space, that you work with. There are simple materials that are luxurious enough and there is a lot of opulence that defines luxury too. 


How to Achieve the Uber Chic Style

1. The design thought process is amalgamated looking at the space and understanding it in terms of the natural light and natural ventilation – ensure fantastic ventilation in the bathroom, as it must feel fresh after use and be odour and stain free

2. Space planning is very important to identify the function of the particular bathroom. You can’t afford to waste any space – ensure that you are functionally making the bathroom user friendly, so that the smallest nitty-gritty of the maintenance for the user is taken care of and there is no need to look at that again later

3. Select the right material keeping not only cost in mind but also the available natural or artificial light. This space is used right through the day – ensure you understand how the material reflects or relates to natural sunlight, and how it would add its required glamour, at the same time its usability

4. Use waterproof materials for false ceiling and don’t select it for its colour or form. Choose something that reacts to daily use of water and soap and that, which will sustain when being used. A lot of moisture and steam is generated in the bathroom ­– ensure that it doesn’t absorb the water, but stays with time

5. When we address the type of material for the bathroom we need to check the coating, and that it has to have a proper PVD coating. I like using more chrome finish fixtures but clients want gold, rose gold or black – ensure to keep one thing in mind that it has longevity with respect to its use plus functionally

6. The wiring and electricals need to be very well done, as water and electricity are something that can create a lot of hazard. Lights used have to be of a certain specific nature – ensure they are moisture proof, steam proof

7. The space has to be completed accident free as there are chances that you may slip or trip over – ensure that there are no sharp corners in the design

8. And lastly, if a bathroom can accommodate a sunken bath, the project gets a luxury tag…automatically – just ensure a big space and a big budget too!

Amit Porwal

Amit Porwal, Director and Principal Designer, Icon Projects Inspace Pvt Ltd (IPIPL), Mumbai


An established thought leader within the interior design world, he runs a design practice in Mumbai, that create bespoke, modern, and chic design concepts. It is touted as one of the India’s best luxury interior designers in residential and commercial zone. His body of work of over two decades demonstrates true versatility. Every project is a one off, reflecting his constant quest for new ideas and approaches. His vision comes from an instinct for luxury design and the creative insight to draw ideas from diverse sources, where every space he creates narrates a story.


Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images Courtesy: IPIPL


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