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Looking for solutions to dress up your vanity? Get inspired by 4 unique countertop ideas on ways to mount your washbasin….

IDEA 1: Floating Platforms

If your space is limited, opt for open floating shelving to place your vessels. Use a neutral shade for the platform to allow the sanitary ware to stand out. A feature wall behind to hold the mirrors will add a touch of modernity to your bath space too! Ideal for a city home….


IDEA 2: Just A Table

This is a great way to make use of any extra tables.... If you are looking for a minimal style, then keep the table simple and clean lined. If you are keen to use antiques this can be used to create an old world effect. Deep, round basins on wooden tables make for a classic look, and are easy to maintain as well. A shelf or two added underneath adds opportunity for open storage, helping you make the most of your basin area. Ideal for a powder room…


IDEA 3: Pick A Stool

Three-legged tall seaters make an ideal support to fit your basin on. Add a slab of marble or wood below inside the foot rest to store essentials and you have yourself a basin that’s both sleek and easy to maintain…plus space saving, so you easily fit in two! Ideal for a country home…


IDEA 4: On A Dresser

Do you find yourself always looking around for your toiletries and grooming essentials? An over the counter basin placed on a storage cupboard or dresser means everything is right where you need it to be! Whether a panel of drawers or a two-door cupboard, keep the colour tones simple and decorate basis your location. Ideal for beachside homes…


Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

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