Category : Bathroom Posted : 18/12/2020

Starting a new life calls for upgrading your home as well. Don’t compromise on passion and extend your wooing to the washroom too! Three tips to truly enhance the experience without conceding on your needs…

Explore Luxury With Open Bathrooms 

Make your bedroom design stand out and feel more spacious by adding a glass partition for the bathroom instead of enclosing it behind a wall. It provides a feeling of ultimate luxury, and even allows for seamless movement between the two most private spaces of your home. Make sure that the fittings – especially those that will be visible behind the glass dividers – are striking to the eye and match with the design of your master room.

Have Fun With Freestanding Tubs Available in a variety of sizes and colours, bathtubs are the epitome of bathroom luxury…and make for a great addition to your new home too. Instead of being just another fitting, freestanding tubs come in elegant shapes and augment the design of your bathroom. You no longer need to stick it in a corner full of pipes – these new-age tubs can be placed anywhere, and sometimes can even make your bathroom seem bigger. They promise a serene bath time indeed! 

Up The Ante With Intelligent Toilets


While doing up your new bathroom, don’t forget to do away with older fittings and opt for a more tech friendly advanced look. Toilets are an important aspect of the home, and upgrading to better models like Kohler’s Veil Intelligent One-Piece Toilet is something you won’t regret. The sleek design, combined with features like an integrated bidet, dual flush technology, and a self-cleaning function make it a toilet you can’t do without. It allows for hands-free opening and closing, and also has an LED nightlight and adjustable water temperatures too. This is the WC of the future!   

Text: Compiled by The Blue Pencil Design Company

Glass Bathroom Image: Courtesy Studio Osmosis


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