Category : Bathroom Posted : 23/03/2022

Architect Shruti Jaipuria of Maia Design Studio shows us how to maintain a vibrant aesthetic with neutral colours, making your seemingly simple bathroom stand out


These bathrooms were designed for a villa we worked on in Goa for Isprava. The brief was to design a home that was quintessentially Goan and catered to the slow life. The first is the master bathroom, and the second the powder room. As they’re meant for a holiday home, the bathrooms have been made cosier and softer with the introduction of cane partitions, marble sinks and classical fittings. The tiles in the master bathroom are white while we went with quartz in the other, both of which are easy to maintain. We wanted to go with the old and new design aesthetic mixed together. We also try to work with local artisans for all our projects, and we did that here by working with local cane weavers for the space. We have used their local weaves to create a vibe that is easy going and warm. There is a cane partition in the powder room and also a cane-matted ceiling. The sinks, sanitaryware and mirrors also give an old-world charm, while the lights are very modern.

This bath space is part of an apartment project in Bengaluru. It’s within a modern, contemporary home. As it’s a city apartment, it’s finished in quartz and wood strips with very clean cut and straight lines. The way the mirrors are treated and the choice of tiles bring out the character of the space. We try to make it a point to work with natural materials mixed with modern fixtures. 

Shruti’s simple tips for enhancing your bathroom decor

  • Fixed elements like choice of sanitaryware, sinks, lights and mirrors can add a lot of character to a bathroom, so choose wisely

  • Also play around with loose elements like rugs, flowers and accessories to add the personal touch to the space and make it look less clinical

  • If your powder room is such that it doesn’t allow for natural light, you can exaggerate the lack of natural light and create a moodier bathroom with a darker colour palette, or brighten up the space with lighter tiles, mirrors and bright lighting

  • Always remember that materials should be treated properly while executing, with the correct polish and protective coats. Once that is done, there usually shouldn’t be an issue with any kind of tile or marble you select, so go all out

Shruti Jaipuria, Interior Designer & Founder, Maia Design Studio, Bengaluru

“At Maia, we believe in creating spaces where the design process is mindful, relevant and timeless. The work approach demands detailed explorations in material, study of human behaviour, and collaborations with artists, chefs and homeowners to create unique immersive spatial experiences. Integrating local materials, crafts and techniques is an integral part of the work at Maia.”


Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images courtesy: Maia Design Studio 


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