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The solid, vertical structure that is built to protect and divide, can be the single most important feature for a washroom! Ravisha Merchant talks about how to accentuate this surface by bringing in a little boldness and personal style.

Mixing It Up

For this space, we wanted a style that incorporates ample amounts of texture, colour, and pattern to create a bold visual impact and still find tranquillity with the negative white space. The black and white striped flooring with white Statuario marble on the walls along with an earthy-hued feature wall is a bold attempt to get an amplified look without compromising on the overall serene ambience.

Playing The Field

A feature wall elevates the look of a room in an instant. A blue-and-white-tiled highlighter wall with Delft artistry behind the pristine white WC, is teamed with the neutrality of grey for the rest of the space. The chemistry between the two materials plays off brilliantly, giving the bathroom a timeless and refined feel. 

Rhapsody In Beige

This taupe bathroom has an overall serene effect without jarring visual breaks that shrink your perception of the space. The warm beige walls create an open and inviting space, as the colour has a relaxing effect that allows the fittings and accessories to standout. Natural light also plays its role in breaking the monotony of the colour palette used in the space, adding to the cheerfulness of the room.

Quick Tips:

Adding In Accent Walls

  • Choose bold colours, textures, patterns or details, add a new and interesting dimension to the space.

  • Express your creative self and pick something that speaks your design language.

  • Create contrasts. A busy pattern or bold colours team well with walls in subtle hues.

  • Try natural stones and textures on accent walls to give an overall earthy and relaxed feel to the space.

Adding In An Element Of Oomph

  • Pair a stylised mirror with a freestanding vanity as the showstopper element.

  • Create drama with imaginative wall bracket lights on either side of the mirror or by hanging accent lights over the counter.

  • Bring in a sense of warmth and tranquillity with bamboos, crotons and select succulents arranged with candles, diffusers and other handpicked porcelain knick-knacks.

  • Bring out your personal style with simple details like handcrafted bathroom accessories or a well-arranged vanity counter. 

Ravisha Merchant, Founder and Principal Designer, Trivera Designs, Bhopal

“Our studio, started in 2001, is known for its interdisciplinary design approach and culturally sensitive interiors where old meets the new.”


Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company

Images: Courtesy Trivera Designs 


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