Category : Bathroom Posted : 06/01/2022

One of the hardest things to do everyday is probably getting kids excited for their bathroom tasks. But a vibrant space can add to the enjoyment of these daily rituals for the little ones. Designer Annkur Khosla shares some ideas…


The brief for this bathroom was to build a space suitable for a three-year-old toddler. The concept was to mimic nature in a controlled manner, and translate the 3D aspect of being among nature onto a 2D plane. We have consciously used a monkey lamp from the home decor brand Seletti to enhance the 3D element, and also to incorporate an unusual lighting feature. The canary yellow of the door and vanity counter represents the burst of colour that birds and butterflies bring to the serene greenery around. Kohler fittings in matte black and a uniquely shaped mirror complete the fun look of the space.


Annkur’s Tips And Tricks To Elevate The Look Of Your Kids’ Bathroom

  • Remember to plan the layout in an ergonomic manner – leaving space for movement of the child along with another person to help with activities is of extreme importance

  • Adding stools, add-on WC seats, adequate niches for their bath-time toys, accessories and sponges are a great idea

  • In a space meant for children, adding a dash of bright colours with a white or ivory base palette, or a melange of pastel colours with a small addition of a neutral hue for balance are great ideas to keep the room looking vibrant and welcoming. If you wish to experiment, you can work with different colour schemes for the walls and floor, but remember that harmony and balance are key to a nice-looking bathroom!

  • Be sure to provide sturdy step stools for kids to stand on while brushing their teeth or using the washbasin, if keeping the bathroom fittings at a general ergonomic height

  • Keep in mind that kids are accident prone, so the edges of all counters and fixtures should be slightly rounded so there are no sharp corners!

  • Provide enough concealed storage space for lots of extra towels, soaps, shampoos and other bath products, as kids tend to need lots of spare add-ons. Storage baskets for soiled clothes can be a nice addition to the space, as kids get dirty and messy quite easily!

  • Add coloured sanitaryware and faucets instead of the usual white or black if possible, as these appeal to children more and will make them look forward to their bath time


Annkur Khosla, Co-Founder & Designer, Annkur Khosla Design Studio, Mumbai

“Working to design functional, harmonious spaces with intent and purpose, my portfolio includes several wellness and hospitality spaces as well. My soul-searching spirit has me constantly striving to sculpt humanistic spaces that can revolutionise the experience of not just an individual, but also of society at large. I hope my designs can contribute to a larger change in terms of cultural ethos.”


Images courtesy: Annkur Khosla Design Studio

Text by: The Blue Pencil Design Company


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