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 How to Choose the right Seat for your toilet – A guide by KOHLER 

There’s more to choosing a toilet seat than you might expect at first glance. With advancements in technology, today’s toilet seats offer more options than ever before, from built-in bidet functionality which delivers personalized cleansing to anti-microbial slim seats. The following guide will lead you through the possibilities to help you make the right choice for your home. 

Step 1: Discover Kohler’s innovative toilet seats

From innovative cleansing features to stylish slim seat designs. explore all the Kohler toilet seat options best suited for your needs.

A. Learn about Kohler cleansing seat portfolio

Are you looking for a more hygienic option to a health faucet? A bidet cleansing seat is a specialized toilet seat that provides superior cleansing to desired area of body by controlling a lever. Simply twist the lever to adjust wand position and water pressure.


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Easy Upgrade. Big Difference

The Pureclean bidet cleansing seat makes it easy to add the assurance of personal cleansing to your existing toilet. With a sleek, low-profile seat design, Pureclean provides the superior cleansing of a spray wand that's fully adjustable for position and water pressure.

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Pure Clean Square

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Pure Clean Round

B. Explore anti-microbial slim seat

If the bidet functionality is not the choice for you or you are looking for a slimmer option explore our anti-microbial slim seat portfolio below.

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Germ protection with style

Worldwide, thin precision and sleek aesthetics is trending across contemporary bathrooms. Sculpted and crafted using high grade thermoset material, Kohler’s ergonomically designed slim seats is a fine mix of aesthetics and durability. All Kohler thin seats are anti-microbial giving you long lasting protection from Bacteria, Fungi, Yeast, Virus and other microbes.

C. You’re almost there! Let’s find out the perfect seat that will fit your toilet.

Now that you have a complete understanding of the options, you can decide the best match for your home. Pick a cleansing bidet seat that offers superior hygiene and comfort or a slim seat that offers style and protection from germs.

Step 2: Measure your toilet bowl to get the perfect fitting Kohler seat

Simply take two measurements and we’ll reveal your match!

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1. Select your bowl shape:

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2. Select Hinge Distance

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3. Select Bowl Length

Shape: Square, Hinge Distance: 157-163 mm, Bowl Length: 430-433 mm

Shape: Square, Hinge Distance: 197-203 mm, Bowl Length: 430-433 mm

Shape: Square, Hinge Distance: 138-142mm, Bowl Length: 445-451 mm

Shape: Round

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