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Kohler's lighted mirrors offer a sleek design, blending technology with style. Enjoy adjustable illumination for flawless grooming and an ambient atmosphere in your bathroom.

Experience the luxury of liberation as clutter makes way for class. Get ready to transform your oasis with the allure of refinement.

Non-lighted mirrors bring understated luxury to your bathroom, with exceptional quality and design that enhances both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Kohler's non-lighted mirror and cabinet set offers practical storage solutions, elevating your bathroom's aesthetics while keeping essentials neatly organized.

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Find an exclusive range of  Luxury Wash Basin Mirrors & Cabinets to enchance your bathroom space.


Deciding between a framed and a frameless bathroom mirror depends on various factors, from the style of your bathroom to the practical requirements of your space. If you're going for a more traditional or classical aesthetic, a framed mirror often fits the bill. It adds a decorative element and can be matched with the rest of your bathroom's hardware or decor. In contrast, frameless mirrors offer a sleek and modern look, blending seamlessly into contemporary settings and making the space appear larger and more open.

The placement of a bathroom mirror is not just about function; it's also about form. Ideally, a bathroom mirror should be hung at eye level, making it accessible and practical for users of different heights. The traditional spot for a primary bathroom mirror is above the sink or vanity, centered with the countertop and faucet to create a balanced look. This location ensures that the mirror is in the most useful position for activities like washing your face, shaving, or applying makeup.

Bathroom cabinets serve as essential storage solutions, effectively organizing toiletries, cleaning supplies, and personal care items. They contribute to a tidy and functional bathroom environment by providing designated spaces for different categories of items, making it easier to locate what you need when you need it. This is particularly crucial in the mornings or during busy routines, where every minute counts. By thoughtfully selecting and placing your cabinets, you can create a space that is both beautiful and efficient.


Bathroom cabinets come in a variety of sizes and installation types to match the scale and structure of your space. Learn how to measure the area accurately and ensure the proper fit ahead of your cabinet installation.

Begin by measuring the width of your vanity. Typically, your cabinet should be narrower or the same width as the vanity. To determine the height, measure the distance between your lights and faucet. Choose a cabinet size that provides clearance above the faucet and below the lights. Lastly, know what your space can accommodate. Not sure about your space's structure? Choose from cabinet styles that can be recessed or surface-mounted.

Redefining Self-Care: Kohler's Mirrors and Cabinets Transform Your Bathroom into a Luxurious Oasis

Discover the magic of Kohler Bathroom mirrors and cabinets where functionality meets mesmerizing design. Add a touch of elegance and charm to any bathroom décor with captivating pieces of art to elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom.

While you may prefer a contemporary look to a more traditional set up or the other way round, Kohler mirrors and cabinets naturally complement the ambiance of your spaces. They bring warmth and elegance with their stylish contours, and sophisticated features.

Experience a whole new level of self-care and grooming with Kohler's HD mirrors, where beauty is nurtured and enhanced. Beyond style and functionality, you can enjoy crystal clear reflections with integrated lighting and defogger, which guarantees a clear reflection, even in high humidity.

Features like touchless switch, brightness adjustment, proximity sensor, Bluetooth speakers, and more are meant to enhance your routine, so you don’t ignore what’s most important – caring for and loving yourself!

Furthermore, Kohler bathroom mirrors and cabinets are the ultimate organizers, turning what could be a chaotic, cluttered bathroom into a streamlined sanctuary. Their intelligent design allows for optimal storage, ensuring your toiletries, cosmetics, and other essentials have a dedicated space, hidden away yet easily accessible. Cabinets like the Maxstow series provide staggered shelving, offering a spot for items both tall and short, thus maximizing utility without wasting an inch. Even the mirrors pull double duty, featuring built-in shelving or medicine cabinets behind them. The result? A cleaner, tidier space that radiates calm and allows you to focus on self-care without the distraction of clutter.