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Sleek design that includes a built-in handshower for added functionality. Single-handle operation simplifies temperature control, and floor-based fillers ensure an uncluttered bath space.

Easy to use and perfect for under-mount and drop-in setups. They can be installed onto stone or tile decks, or directly onto the bath surface.

Hides plumbing behind the wall to showcase only the bath spout and controls, creating a sleek, uncluttered deck for a minimalist aesthetic.


Freestanding bathtub fillers are independent units that stand alone beside the tub, while wall-mounted options are affixed to the wall and deck-mounted ones sit directly on the edge of the tub. Freestanding fillers offer a more dramatic visual impact and work well in larger spaces. Wall-mounted and deck-mounted options are generally more space-efficient and may be easier to install, as they don't require floor plumbing. 

Choosing the right filler for your bathtub involves considering the tub's style, the bathroom's overall aesthetic, and your plumbing setup. Compatibility is key, so ensure the filler's height and reach work with your tub. Features like hand-showers and water-saving tech can also sway your decision. Always consider the material and finish to ensure longevity and cohesion with your bathroom's design. 

Retrofitting an old bathtub with a new filler is possible but consult a plumber to assess your current setup. Plumbing compatibility is crucial, and you may need adapters or new supply lines. Also, ensure the new filler matches the hole configuration if you're replacing a deck-mounted unit. An upgrade can breathe new life into your tub, offering modern functions like hand-showers or temperature control. 

Kohler Bathtub Fillers: A Fusion of Elegance and Practicality

Elevate your daily bath ritual with Kohler's expertly crafted bathtub fillers. Seamlessly combining form and function, our fillers add a touch of luxury that transform your bathroom space. From sleek designs to efficient water delivery, our bathtub fillers are where innovation meets indulgence. Experience a bathing experience like no other, tailored precisely to your needs and aesthetic desires. Step into the sophisticated world of Kohler and redefine what it means to bathe in style.

Freestanding Bathtub Fillers

A staple in luxurious, modern bathrooms, Kohler's freestanding bathtub fillers offer the perfect blend of design and function. Our fillers rise majestically from the floor, providing an architectural focal point while delivering a powerful, spa-like flow of water. The inherent flexibility of placement makes them ideal for freestanding bathtubs, allowing for versatile bathroom designs. The integrated handshowers add an extra layer of convenience, offering focused water delivery where you need it.

Deck Mount Bathtub Fillers

For those who seek a more traditional look or have built-in bathtubs, our deck-mount bathtub fillers are a brilliant choice. They can be installed directly onto the tub, creating a more streamlined appearance.

Wall Mount Bathtub Fillers

If you're working with limited space or desire a minimalist design, Kohler's wall mount bathtub fillers offer a clean, uncluttered look. This design not only conserves space but also lends itself to under mount and drop-in bathtub installations. By concealing the pipework, they create a sleeker, more modern aesthetic, making your bathroom appear more spacious and less cluttered.


Kohler offers bathtub fillers that are compatible with a variety of bathtub styles and bathroom layouts. Whether you have a classic clawfoot tub or a modern, built-in model, there's a Kohler bathtub filler to meet your specific needs.

High-Quality Materials

Quality is a cornerstone of Kohler's reputation. Our bathtub fillers are crafted from materials that offer both visual appeal and durability. From the beautiful chrome finish that adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom to the sturdy construction that ensures long-term reliability, our bathtub fillers are built to last.

Kohler offers an array of styles and finishes to complement any décor while delivering optimal water flow.


In a world that increasingly values both form and function, Kohler stands out as a brand that delivers on both fronts. Our range of bathtub fillers offers not just aesthetic excellence but also engineering integrity, ensuring that your bathing experience is nothing short of magnificent. With Kohler, you make a statement about your taste and lifestyle.