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Embark on a journey into the future of personal wellness with Kohler’s Digital Showering collection, where luxury meets technological sophistication. Transform your daily routine into an indulgent escape with the ultimate in home luxury.

Anthem controls offer a clean, surprising design that echoes everyday appliances, while maintaining an intuitive and familiar user experience.

DTV+ by Kohler delivers a true multi-sensory showering experience, controlling four elements via a touch-screen interface. It is fully customizable and unparalleled in home luxury. 



The benefits of a Digital Shower extend far beyond mere aesthetics; it's about transforming the entire bathing experience into something personalized, efficient, and luxurious.

First, imagine the convenience of setting your preferred water temperature and spray intensity with just the touch of a button. Digital showers offer unparalleled precision, ensuring that you step into the shower at the exact comfort settings you desire. No more juggling with knobs or enduring sudden temperature shifts. Safety is also elevated, as digital thermostatic valves maintain a consistent temperature, thus preventing scalds. Next, consider the multisensory experiences that can be tailored to your mood, like invigorating audio features. Lastly, the sleek and modern design of digital showers brings a touch of sophistication to your bathroom, blending effortlessly with contemporary decor. In a nutshell, a Digital Shower provides a spa-like sanctuary, where technology and comfort coalesce to deliver a bathing experience like no other.


Though the terms ‘digital shower’ and ‘smart shower’ are often used interchangeably, they're not quite the same thing. Let's break it down.

A digital shower primarily focuses on digitizing the controls and settings of your shower experience. Think touch-screen panels where you can adjust temperature, water flow, and maybe even music. The digital thermostatic valves allow you to get that temperature just right, down to the degree, and maintain it throughout your shower. The aim here is a personalized, consistent shower experience without the fuss of manual knobs and levers. Kohler's DTV+™ is a great example. Smart showers, on the other hand, take it up a notch by integrating with home automation systems and smart devices. You could control them via a mobile app, or voice commands.


A Digital Shower functions through a complex but user-friendly system that centralizes all the controls you'd normally find scattered around a traditional shower setup. At the heart of it is a digital thermostatic valve, connected to both the water supply and the shower's various features. This valve precisely controls water temperature and flow rates, directing water to different outlets like the main showerhead, hand shower, or body sprays. All of these settings can be controlled through a wall-mounted, touch-screen interface or even remote controls.

You can pre-set your preferences, so with a single touch, the system adjusts to your ideal water temperature and spray intensity. The interface often allows control of additional features, such as music, bringing every element together for a cohesive, luxurious showering experience.

Kohler Digital Showering: The Future of Personalized Bathing Luxury

Step aside, traditional showers: Kohler's Digital Showers are here to redefine your bathing experience. In an era where technology has its fingerprints on nearly every facet of our lives, it's only natural that even our bathrooms get a digital makeover. Kohler leads the pack in revolutionizing the bathroom space, offering Digital Showers that are set to change the way we view our morning or evening ritual.

Kohler DTV+

Imagine waking up and, with just a touch of a screen, having your shower prepped to the exact temperature and water pressure you prefer. The DTV+ Digital Thermostatic Valve system, exclusive to Kohler, enables precisely this level of control. It's not merely a shower; it's a personalized experience tailored to your comfort and taste. DTV+ works with one or two-valves. Each valve gives you six, three or two ports that run different showering components simultaneously. The DTV+ offers a multi-sensory showering experience. You can opt for a gentle mist or a robust spray or add a Kohler Amplifier and SoundTile speakers to introduce music into any showering experience. Amp yourself up for the day or unwindfrom the daily grind with your favourite playlist. All of these are controlled via a sleek, intuitive touch-screen interface.

Now, let's talk about aesthetics. The clean, modern design of the DTV+ seamlessly fits into contemporary bathrooms. The system not only offers functionality but also serves as a stylish addition to your shower space. It's a blend of minimalism and sophistication, all designed to amplify your comfort.

Kohler Anthem Controls

The idea of customization is taken a step further with the Anthem controls, another feather in Kohler's cap. These controls, while emulating the look of common household appliances, offer an advanced set of features. Their design is both familiar and intuitive, making it easy for anyone to operate, regardless of their familiarity with digital interfaces.

Advanced outlet control provides independent access to every spray and up to two temperature zones. It can accommodate up to six outlets in a single control.

In conclusion, Kohler's Digital Showers are a luxurious leap into the future. They combine cutting-edge technology with sophisticated design, all focused on delivering an unparalleled, customizable shower experience. For those seeking the next big thing in showers, Kohler has the answer, offering a slice of everyday opulence that makes stepping into the shower something to look forward to. This is more than just a shower; it's an experience, a personal retreat, and it's bringing the spa right into your home.