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Unlocks advanced features like steam, light, and sound integration, all easily controlled through a single digital interface for a luxury experience.

Traditional and straightforward, manual controls offer multiple outlet support without the extra frills, giving you reliable functionality and ease-of-use. 

Streamlined design meets reliable performance, giving you direct control over water flow and temperature for a fuss-free shower. 

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Anthem trim blends familiarity with sleek design. Advanced spray options, dual temperature zones, and easy installation make for a transformative shower experience.  



Diverters come in a variety of styles and functionalities, such as:

  • Two or Three-Way Diverters: These are wall-mounted and allow you to control multiple shower functions separately or simultaneously. Two-way diverters toggle between two functions, while three-way diverters can switch between three.
  • Integrated Diverters: These are built into the shower valve and offer a streamlined appearance and often more features. They provide seamless integration with other shower components and offer both aesthetic and functional customization.
  • T Diverters: The simplest form, usually located on the tub spout and activated by a pull-up knob or button.

Each type of diverter serves a different need and can be chosen based on your shower setup, design preferences, and the kind of showering experience you wish to create.

A diverter trim serves as the external component of a diverter valve, providing both aesthetic and functional elements to your shower setup. It consists of a handle or knob, and sometimes a faceplate, which work in harmony with the internal diverter valve to channel water flow to your chosen shower outlet, be it the showerhead, handshower, or body sprays. The trim essentially allows you to manually control the direction of water flow without having to access the valve, which is typically concealed behind the wall for a sleeker look.

A general guideline is that most diverter trims require a minimum pressure of around 15 to 30 psi (pounds per square inch) or 1.0546 to 2.10921 kg/cm2 (kilogram per square centimetres). If the water pressure in your home is on the lower side, it may affect the diverter's ability to effectively channel water to the different shower outlets. Low pressure could result in poor water flow or even malfunction of the diverter system. Therefore, always double-check the technical specs.

Mastering Bathroom Elegance with Kohler Diverters and Trims  

For homeowners seeking to create a bathroom that serves as more than merely a functional space, Kohler Diverters and Trims offer an unparalleled experience of luxury and comfort. Kohler has long been renowned for its commitment to excellence, effectively integrating functionality, innovations, and aesthetics in its designs.

Kohler's Unique Selling Propositions

Kohler's innovative approach to bathroom fixtures brings a distinctive blend of robust functionality and aesthetic refinement. The brand has evolved over the years to provide consumers with holistic solutions that transform an ordinary shower into an immersive experience.

Functionality of Kohler Diverters

Diverters are essential bathroom components that direct water flow between multiple outlets, such as an overhead shower, hand shower, or body sprays. Kohler’s diverters are engineered for ease and convenience, offering users the flexibility to switch between different water outlets effortlessly. Furthermore, Kohler’s digital diverters offer an advanced option, facilitating integrated controls for steam, lighting, and audio experiences.

Aesthetic Importance of Trims

Trims, the finishing touch in bathroom fixtures, should not be overlooked. Kohler offers a variety of trim finishes, each designed to integrate seamlessly into different bathroom aesthetics. Kohler provides trim options that elevate the visual appeal of the bathroom space.

Why Kohler Stands Apart?

Digital Control: Kohler's digital diverters provide a comprehensive, multi-sensory shower experience, offering control over steam, light, and audio through a single digital interface.

Manual Control: For those who prefer the tactile satisfaction of manual controls, Kohler also offers traditional diverter options that provide reliable functionality.

Ease of Installation: Both digital and manual options are designed for straightforward installation, requiring only standard hot and cold water inlets.

The Kohler Experience

A shower space, when enhanced by Kohler Diverters and Trims, becomes more than just a place for routine hygiene. It transforms into a personal sanctuary that provides comfort, luxury, and perhaps, a moment of solace. Kohler's offerings are not merely about upgrading your bathroom; they are about elevating your overall lifestyle.


With Kohler Diverters and Trims, the promise is not merely of an enhanced bathroom but an improved quality of life. As one invests in these fixtures, they are investing in a richer, more fulfilling daily routine. Kohler provides the kind of transformative change that is not just seen but deeply felt.