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Elevate your daily rituals with Kohler electric bidet toilet seats - enjoy warm-water cleansing, warm-air drying, and a cozy heated seat, all customizable at the touch of an intuitive remote control.

With no need for an electrical outlet and a sleek design that mimics standard seats, manual bidet seats by Kohler are ideal for a more luxurious and hygienic cleansing routine.

Kohler toilet seats are known for establishing an unparalleled benchmark that other seats endeavor, yet often fail, to meet. Their ergonomic design ensures optimal comfort, making your time in the bathroom a relaxing experience.

Boasting an ergonomic lever, dual self-sanitizing wands, and meticulous cleansing, Kohler bidet attachments epitomize refinement for all generations..



A bidet is a specialized bathroom fixture designed for intimate cleansing. The device employs a directed stream of water to facilitate cleanliness and offers a more hygienic alternative to traditional toilet paper. 

Bidets come in different configurations, including standalone fixtures situated next to the toilet, integrated toilet seats with built-in bidet functions, and handheld sprayers. The primary objective remains consistent across these variations: to provide a more effective and sanitary method of personal cleaning. Moreover, bidets have an ecological advantage as they reduce the consumption of toilet paper, contributing to environmental sustainability.

A bidet toilet seat replaces your standard toilet seat and integrates bidet functionality directly into your existing toilet. Once installed, it offers an advanced level of hygiene and convenience without requiring additional floor space, unlike standalone bidets. The bidet toilet seat is typically connected to the bathroom's water supply, ensuring a continuous source of clean water.

Most modern bidet toilet seats also come with additional features like heated seats, and warm air dryers. This integration of bidet functionality into the toilet seat offers a convenient and efficient means of maintaining personal hygiene.

Toilet seats come in a variety of types, each catering to different functionalities, aesthetics, and comfort preferences. Here is a breakdown:

Standard Seats: The most basic form, usually made of plastic. These are simple to install but offer minimal no additional features.

Soft-Close Seats: Designed to prevent loud slamming, the seat and lid close gently and quietly, thanks to a special hinge mechanism.

Elongated vs. Round: These refer to the shape of the seat. Elongated seats offer more seating space, whereas round seats are better suited for smaller bathrooms.

Bidet Toilet Seats: These advanced seats incorporate a bidet function, offering features like warm water, temperature control, and even air drying.

The choice of toilet seat will largely depend on your specific needs, preferences, and the existing bathroom setup.

The primary purpose of a bidet seat is to enhance personal hygiene by providing a more effective and sanitary method of intimate cleansing. Unlike traditional toilet paper, a bidet seat uses a stream of water to cleanse the area thoroughly. 

Many modern bidet seats come equipped with advanced features such as adjustable water temperature, water pressure, and spray patterns, as well as heated seats and air dryers. These options contribute to a customized, comfortable, and environmentally friendly toilet experience. By reducing or potentially eliminating the need for toilet paper, bidet seats also offer an ecological advantage, helping to reduce waste and save trees. Overall, a bidet seat aims to elevate the standard toilet experience to a more hygienic, comfortable, and eco-friendly level.

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