Smart Toilets

Kohler smart toilets bring unrivaled designs to next generation smart home technology, making for integrated personal cleansing.

Product FAQs

A Smart Toilet is a technologically advanced version of a traditional toilet. It incorporates features like bidet functionality, heated seats, adjustable water pressure, and customizable settings. Unlike traditional toilets, Smart Toilets offer a hands-free experience with automated flushing and a remote control or touchpad for customization. These innovations set them apart from conventional toilets, offering increased comfort, hygiene, and convenience.

Smart Toilets typically come with a user-friendly remote control or touchpad. Users can adjust various settings, such as water temperature, pressure, and flush. The control panel
allows users to customize their experience, making it easy to adapt the toilet to individual preferences for a more comfortable and hygienic toilet routine.

Yes, many Smart Toilets are designed to be water-efficient. They often include features like dual-flush systems that allow users to choose between a full flush for solid waste and a reduced flush for liquid waste, conserving water. Overall, these water-saving features contribute to a more environmentally friendly bathroom experience.

Kohler Smart Toilets: The Pinnacle of Modern Bathroom Technology

In the world of bathroom fixtures, Kohler has consistently set the bar high with its innovative products, and its Smart Toilets are no exception. These cutting-edge fixtures combine technology, convenience, and luxury to create a bathroom experience like no other.

At the heart of Kohler Smart Toilets is their intuitive and user-friendly interface. With a touch-screen remote control, users can customize their toilet experience with ease. From adjusting water temperature and pressure for cleansing to controlling the heated seat and warm air dryer, every aspect of comfort is at your fingertips.

One of the standout features of Kohler Smart Toilets is their bidet functionality. The cleansing wand provides a gentle and hygienic way for intimate cleansing. With adjustable positioning and pressure, it ensures a tailored and comfortable experience for every user.

Kohler's commitment to water efficiency is evident in its Smart Toilets as well. They feature dual-flush technology, allowing users to choose between a full flush and a partial flush.

Additionally, Kohler Smart Toilets come with integrated LED lighting, creating a soothing ambiance in your bathroom. The soft nightlight function eliminates the need for harsh overhead lights during nighttime trips to the bathroom.

Overall, Kohler Smart Toilets are a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation and customer comfort. They elevate the bathroom experience to a new level of luxury and convenience, making them a must-have fixture for modern homes.