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Equipped with excellent water-saving function and cleaning efficiency. Different designs are available for matching with other Kohler sanitary products.

Combined with Kohler Touchless Flushometers, these urinals guarantee reliable water conservation and heightened hygiene.

Elevate restroom sanitation and water savings with Kohler's innovative urinal sensor technology.


Touchless urinals utilize sensor technology to automate the flushing process. When the sensor detects movement or the absence thereof, it triggers the flush mechanism, thereby eliminating the need for manual operation. The benefits are twofold: enhanced hygiene and water conservation. By removing the need to touch a flush handle, the spread of germs is minimized. Additionally, the sensor ensures that the urinal flushes only when necessary, leading to significant water savings.

Choosing the right urinal for your commercial space depends on various factors like restroom traffic, available space, and water supply conditions. For high-traffic areas, touchless urinals with low water consumption can be more efficient and sanitary. Consider the design aesthetics to ensure it aligns with the overall look of the restroom. You'll also need to factor in maintenance; some urinal types require less upkeep than others. Lastly, consult with a professional for the best fit.

Urinal sensors contribute to a more hygienic environment by eliminating the need for physical contact with flushing mechanisms, thereby reducing germ transmission. They are programmed to flush at specific intervals or upon sensing user departure, which minimizes water usage. By ensuring that the flush only occurs when needed, the sensors can contribute to significant water savings, making them an eco-friendly choice for restrooms.

Elevate Restroom Experiences with Kohler Urinals

Here at Kohler, we pride ourselves on constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and our range of urinals is a shining example of this commitment. If you're searching for a urinal system that seamlessly combines aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability, here’s why Kohler urinals should be your first choice:

The Future is Touchless

Touchless technology is revolutionizing the way people experience restrooms. Take our Bardon Touchless urinal, for example; it features an integrated sensor for automated flushing, providing a sanitary experience that's second to none. But it doesn't stop there. We offer a diverse selection of urinals that integrate flawlessly with our Touchless flushometers. This forward-thinking technology not only elevates the hygiene factor but also ensures dependable water savings. In short, our touchless solutions are your ticket to a cleaner and more eco-friendly restroom.

Traditional but Never Outdated

While our Touchless and sensor urinals are undeniably modern, we haven't forgotten those who need or prefer traditional, flushable options. Our array of flushing urinals comes in various liters per flush (lpf) platforms to meet your specific requirements. Whether you're looking for an ultra-efficient model that uses a minimal 0.47 lpf or you lean towards a standard 3.8 lpf, we've got something for everyone.

What's more, our flushing urinals come in different styles, including washout, blowout, and siphon-jet systems. Each style offers unique advantages, whether you're looking for powerful flushing action or reduced splash back, allowing you to fine-tune your restroom environment to your liking.

So, why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Kohler urinals are not just bathroom fixtures; they're a blend of art and engineering, aligning with our commitment to sustainability and style. With Kohler, you're not just investing in a urinal; you're investing in an experience that elevates standards across the board.