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The Finish Is Just The Beginning

Designing the perfect bathroom or kitchen brings with it many questions. Deciding on the style, product, wall colour and tile can leave you with more questions than answers. Our suggestion? Start with the finish first. Choosing your favourite finish and pairing it with the faucet helps you truly personalise your space as you can base your other design decisions to coordinate around this combination.  


Deciding on your favourite finish can be a personal experience as it directly speaks to your design sensibilities and choice. Mix and match your favourite finish with the faucet of your choice and you have an aesthetic that is truly yours.


The finish you select has a direct influence on your other design decisions. A stainless steel finish may work well if you wish to design a modern space but will look out of place in a classic themed bathroom where a brushed bronze or gold finish would be a better fit. Whether you wish to create a lush oasis or soothing spa, choosing the right finish can help you coordinate other products from our vast selection of finish matched products to bring your design idea to life.

Vibrant Rose Gold

A faucet in Rose Gold displays a warm & modern sheer and possesses a flawless consistency. The resplendent yet understated nature of the Rose Gold finish provides homeowners, design aficionados, architects and designers an appropriate choice for imbuing their spaces with a focal point of unyielding subtlety.

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Vibrant French Gold

The rich look of Vibrant French Gold can provide a dramatic contrast to brilliant white fixtures. Gold fixtures can add a luxurious accent to your bathroom. Add bling to subtle surroundings with the French Gold Finish and behold the magic it exudes.

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Vibrant Brushed Nickel

A finish to complement the masterful strokes that adorn your wall. If your idea of style is comfort and class combined, Brushed Nickel is the perfect finish for you. Brushed nickel has a warm and easy look that charms the homeowners with a soft yet sensual taste.

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Vibrant Brushed Bronze

A finish that goes well with traditional and contemporary designs. One that complements your subtle taste and elegant palette. It is eccentric and grounded. It says ‘I am special’ and at the same time it also ‘welcomes you to spend some quality time together’.

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