Kedar Hatkar is a key member of the Technology Governance Office at Kohler, who manages operations and relationships with Kohler's managed service provider partners and also assists with the integrated resource planning process for global IT.

The non-hierarchical work environment at Kohler enabled him to explore new ideas, implement new processes, and innovate without the fear of failure. In a short time of joining Kohler, Kedar received the Rising Star award from the CIO, Paul Ryan himself, "The award is something I will cherish throughout my career at Kohler and beyond," shares Kedar proudly. In his words, working with Kohler IT provides him with the benefits of an MNC while enjoying the autonomous culture of a start-up.

Kedar strongly resonates with Kohler's philosophy of #BelievinginBetter. ‘Help others to help yourself’ is what he strongly propagates. "Learn, unlearn, and relearn is the key to success in today's fast-changing world," shares Kedar who aspires to lead a team across multiple IT verticals in the future at Kohler.

Gaurav Kumar Verma started his journey with Kohler India Technical Centre as a Design Engineer and now he is a part of the Innovation for Good Team as a Senior Engineer, leading New Product Development and Continuous Product Development projects pertaining to WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) products.

“I am thrilled with the experience of applying my engineering skills of CAD Design, 3D Printing, and Programming for developing novel products to provide our communities with safe water and sanitation,” shares Gaurav who is passionate about creating hi-tech innovative products.

Gaurav’s curiosity mindset has helped him to enhance his ability to innovate. He is one of the proud winners of the prestigious Kohler I-Prize competition; an internal innovation incubator that challenges associates from around the world to apply their expertise and develop commercially viable business solutions for pressing global social and environmental issues. He believes in the culture of #LeadingBoldly and wants to continue creating newer and unique products at Kohler. 

Simran Tandon has been an Industrial Designer and a Color, Material, and Finish (CMF) designer at Kohler India Design Studio. Her work on Kohler’s 150-year anniversary range has been showcased in the Milan Design Week 2023 and has been featured on international publications like The NY Times and Dezeen.

According to Simran, the great blend of industrial design and CMF within Kohler helps create exceptional products that stand out in the market. She highlights that the innovative culture at Kohler fosters staying at the leading edge of design and nurtures a strong sense of connection and engagement within the company. And Kohler’s emphasis on creativity has empowered her to transform ideas into actionable projects.

“Being adaptable, flexible, and embracing new ideas have helped me achieve success at Kohler”, shares Simran, who aspires to lead a team committed to making a lasting impact on the industry and wants to inspire the next generation of designers through her advanced development projects. 

Shilpi Biswas received the 'Sustainable Impact Award' for Driving Product Transparency at Kohler from Vice President -Engineering & Advanced Dev, K&B Group, Manolo Caballer within 18 months of her joining Kohler. "I owe this to the steadfast support of the leadership team and colleagues", says Shilpi who follows a 3C work mantra of Competency, Commitment & Collaboration.

She is inspired by management’s focus on the environment and sustainability and wants to focus on continuous learning and innovation. Talking about Kohler’s culture, she says, "Kohler gives space and opportunity to explore bold and novel ideas. With the support of her manager and team, she is excited to deliver on her latest customer-centric project 'Declare Label', where she is responsible for publishing the material health of Kohler products.

"I am immensely proud of the 'Believing in Better' philosophy at Kohler and would like to continue upholding it," says Shilpi who wants to lead key projects of advanced development, Innovation for Good & sustainability in the future.. 

Setting up from scratch, the Global Shared Services operations for Procure to Pay, remotely during COVID, was a challenge that I have never experienced or envisaged," says Arpitha Guru Shetty, Global Delivery Leader for Purchase to Pay. "In a span of 12 months, not only did we build the entire team but one that is successfully delivering and enabling transformation in operations that cater to Accounts Payable, Travel and Entertainment, Master Data Management, and Inter-Company for Kohler globally.

Arpitha appreciates the freedom to explore, experiment, and take risks at Kohler! She believes in her gut and goes by the principle of challenging ambiguity with facts. "Thanks to the bold and innovative culture at Kohler, I picked up the courage to convert each gap into an opportunity," she shares.

Kohler nurtures talent and supports them to realize their full potential. "The trust that the organization demonstrates in us, infuses so much confidence in me to keep doing better every day!" says Arpitha, who envisions being a global operations leader.