Benefits of Automatic Urinal Flusher

Know the benefits of Automatic urinal flushers over traditional models for convenience, cleanliness, and reduced water wastage.

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Rapid technological advancements are driving the world forward at an unprecedented pace. One innovation that has transformed the way homeowners approach sanitary systems is the introduction of automatic or touchless urinals and waterless flushing.

Automatic urinal flusher systems have many advantages over traditional urinals, including promoting better hygiene, reducing water wastage, improving the aesthetic value of the space, easy usage, and more. Let’s understand in detail.

4 Benefits of automatic urinal:

  1. Better sanitary hygiene at home 
  2. Reduces water wastage
  3. Easy to use
  4. Longer life span

What are automatic urinals?

Automatic or sensor urinals have built-in infrared sensors that can identify when a person is standing in front and has moved away. The sensors then activate the flush system, which is completely touch-free and helps people maintain hygiene in the bathroom.

Automatic urinals are common in commercial places like malls and offices in India. However, nowadays, many homeowners prefer to install them at home to give their bathroom a modern appeal. 

Better Hygiene

It’s not uncommon for children and elderly individuals to occasionally forget to flush the toilet after use, which can lead to unpleasant odour permeating the bathroom. However, by implementing an automatic urinal system in your home, you can eliminate this concern entirely. The advanced system offers the assurance that the urinal unit will be automatically and meticulously cleaned after each use, eliminating the need to physically engage the flush button.

Reduces water wastage

Water is a critical natural resource; every day, millions of gallons go wasted in bathrooms and toilets. And one of the chief contributors to the wastage is the traditional urinal units. Traditional urinals use 3 to 4 liters per flush, but automatic units save gallons by flushing only when needed. With built-in sensors, they prevent repetitive flushing, contributing to a greener tomorrow.

Longer life span:

One of the significant benefits of an automatic urinal flusher is that it promotes hands-free toilet usage. Since you need not touch anything, there is minimal wear and tear and no risk of mishandling. This significantly reduces the possibility of damage and extends its life span.

Kohler’s Touchless Urinals

Gone are the days of manually operating flush buttons or handles. With Kohler’s touchless urinals, you can bid farewell to physical contact with potentially germ-ridden surfaces. The touchless technology ensures a seamless and contactless experience. Simply approach the urinal, and its sophisticated sensors will detect your presence, activating the flush automatically.