Uniting opposite sides of the planet in a passion for nature combined with a desire for elevated functionality within a minimalist aesthetic, the Japandi trend—a portmanteau of Japanese and Scandinavian, sometimes also referred to as Scandinese—offers a serene antidote to the chaos of modern life. Let’s take a look at some of its signature elements.

Culture Collab

Borrowing elements from Scandinavian design and Japanese aesthetics, Japandi incorporates light woods and saturated neutrals punctuated with black accents. Natural elements, like bamboo and stone, and textured objects and materials bring a sense of the outdoors inside. Combined with stark minimalist forms, these foundational elements create inviting, function-driven spaces.

Project: Zen Den
Designers: Carlos Naude & Whitney Brown, Working Holiday Studio

Black accents and simple forms create a calming environment.

Veil Intelligent Toilet

With its flowing and immaculately balanced curves, the Veil one-piece toilet with integrated cleansing functionality epitomizes minimalist and ergonomic design.

Veil Standing Bathtub

The Evok freestanding oval bath is ergonomically designed for comfort, stunningly versatile, and seamlessly complements Kohler ranges.

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