KEC Bengaluru Architect Suites

Exquisite living redefined: Architectural amenity awaits at our magnificent suites.

Elevation 2.0- Bath Space Elevation

Exploring Transhumanism in today’s context, Elevation 2.0 creates a bathroom space that aspires to bring a sense of wellbeing and belonging, proving that both can be and are in symbiosis.

Corner Office Suite- Office Sanctuary Suite

A perfect blend of form, function, and office with a balance of earthy and luxe materials, this bespoke bathroom has been designed as the personal space of a corner office CEO.
This suite has been conceptualised and developed in-house by Kohler Design Studio. It comprises a team of designers with unmatched expertise and proficiencies. Established in 1873, Kohler Co. specializes in creating bespoke bathrooms and kitchens for those who believe in a higher level of gracious living.

Ivory Bliss- Luxe Ivory Haven

The theme of Ivory Bliss is a classical design that transcends trends and fads. It is a great companion for your memories and hopes. It is the one place where tremendous, unrelenting time came and stood still.

Mythos- Mythos Elegance Haven

In Mythos, the design navigates the equilibrium between traditional and modern by using the poise of earthy materials, integration with nature, and parametric technology. Mythos is an experience to be savoured slowly.

The Grid Collection- Bliss Bath Grid

A curved, ergonomic design and a convenient spray button make the Statement Wand iconic handshower an elegant and accessible addition to any shower space. With two spray options and an added power boost, it can be used for massage or as a soothing mist.

Taper Bathroom- Taper Bath Gallery

Taper by Bjarke Ingels (BIG) reinvents minimalist design through shape-shifting geometry, turning the practical into poetry. It merges countertops, faucets, and running water into a visually seamless design.