KEC Mumbai Architect Suites

Immerse yourself in opulent living: Architectural splendour awaits at KEC Mumbai's luxurious suites.

Koko Suite: Koko Bath Suite

This suite is deliberately designed to be understated and elegant with a pop of fun. The white-beige Michaelangelo flooring is juxtaposed with a dark brushed wood vanity with a deeply patterned yet lively onyx stone as the countertop. The witty Botero prints on the oceanic-coloured walls add a whimsical element to what would have been a relatively quiet and gracious bathroom.

Rebirth of Alkebulan: Reborn Feel Bath

Rebirth of Alkebulan is conceptualized as a modern bathroom suite that celebrates what Africa is all about and aims to be as bold as possible. Alkebulan is the old Arabic name for Africa, meaning the Motherland of Humankind. The strong metallic elements in the suite design are evocative of the vast mineral wealth of the African continent, and the wallpaper is inspired by the traditional patterns and motifs used by Malawian tribes.

Pale Rose: Fresh Rose Sanctuary

The inspiration for the suite came from Kohler's Floral Dutchmaster Basin. The idea was then to continue with more organic and botanical forms to complement the basin's floral motif. Pale yet fresh colours inspired by fashion make up the colour palette for the suite. Instead of the usual shower and WC cabins, they created free-standing circular cubicles that conceal the functionality. Also, like in nature, there is an element of surprise as one turns around the corner.

Sanctuary: Grand Sanctuary

Conceptualized as a sanctuary far removed from the hustle and the bustle of the city, the suite has been designed as a tactile, monastic space where hand-painted artworks, the sound of water, and the interplay of light through sandstone screens create the illusion of being outdoors. The suite aims to capture the essence of how people traditionally engaged in the ritual of bathing and cleansing.

Andaman: Island Oasis

The inspiration of the suite is the sea with its colours and relaxed atmosphere. Everything is informal and simple to create the feel of a quiet space far from the busy city. Blue tiled walls and bubble lights like floating jellyfish suggest a soft, aquatic atmosphere. The irregular Kohler bathtub is surrounded by handmade pieces and essential contemporary furniture made in India, turning the space into a friendly and gently exotic retreat.

Kallista: Kallista Haven

For the Kallista suite, a spatial experience is what ZZ Architects wanted to create. As the size of the suite was predetermined, they wanted to make the most of the available footprint, and the idea was clearly to just have fun with some stunning material and finishes.

Wabi Sabi: Wabi Sabi Loo

Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese concept derived from Buddhist teachings. Asymmetry and asperity play a major role in this philosophy and the aesthetic is described as beauty that is imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.