Category : Bathroom Posted : 08/09/2020
Kohler Bathroom

Art deco inspired black duco finish vanity counter, eccentric & playful backsplash to match the black & white theme are some of the perfect picks to give the space the warm transcending appeal - making it sophisticated, formal, and undeniably chic.

Kohler Bathroom

An amalgamation of art deco & contemporary. The walls and floor in statuario tiles and sliding door shower enclosure adds a touch of luxury.

Kohler Bathroom

Accent wall in glass mosaics with Veil intelligent toilet is the perfect amalgamation of technology, design and art.

Kohler Bathroom

7 questions with Ar. Sanjay Sareen, Eternity Architects



  • What is the inspiration behind this bathroom?


The idea was to design a personal ,relaxing and  enjoyable space. Through our design we wanted to create a simple but elegant bathroom, fitted with posh fittingsand technologies


  • What was your pet peeve during the design process?        


To achieve the right detailing and finish, as the client was very particular and would settle for nothing less than top quality work.


  • Tell us about your signature style.


Our forte lies in the details while working with exclusive materials and bringing a tint of greenery in the design


  • Who is your dream client?


We would love to design for someone who trusts us with their requirement and our ideas. Who keeps faith in our 25 years’ experience in the field and gives us a free hand when it comes to designing.


  • What’s your favourite/unique/ bizarre bathroom design?


I believe in Less is more and a unique design should aim to achieve all details in the minimum possible space


  • The #1 bathroom trend right now is


The union of luxury and technology with fitted Thermostats , Rain showers ,heated floors  and fogless mirrors . The latest technologies when coupled with great design, adds to the experience of a luxury bathroom.


  • Your worst bathroom nightmare is


My worst nightmare came true in a recent project, when during the last phase of a plush washroom, I encountered a burst pipe in the  shower cubicle.


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